Is It Time For A Relationship Break? Part 2

Is It Time For A Relationship Break? Part 2


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You have already read about the possible reasons for considering a break from your relationship. Now, you should know how to make this decision in a responsible way.

When you feel that you need a break you should talk openly with your partner and decide together how the process will go. After all, there are two of you in this relationship and she has the right to know the reasons behind your decision. Think about how much time you should stay apart and whether or not you will keep in touch from time to time. You have to consider how much time you will need to figure out whether or not you want to save the relationship.

A very important aspect you must clarify from the beginning is whether or not you are allowed to see other people during this break. Think about it seriously, because if you cannot bear the thought that your girlfriend might get to know another man then you should not do that either. This is one of the most important things you have to think about before having a break because it might decide if you will get back together or not.

Once you told her you suggestion, there are many ways in which she might react and you have to be prepared. If she wants to talk more about it let her ask you all the questions to which she needs an answer and always be honest about it. Another possibility is that she may start to cry because she feels this is a drastic measure. Some women may even want to throw things at you, or you should also expect that she will throw you out of the house if you live together. The wisest thing to do is to leave. Take your time and also give her some time to understand what is happening and later on you can discuss the issue again.

No matter what you do, do not talk to her through your friends. They are most likely to distort whatever you say and this can also cause irreparable damage to you relationship. This is something that only concerns you and her, do not involve other people.

The bottom line is that you have to take this decision responsibly and maturely. Explain her clearly why do you think a break is necessary and settle the conditions together. You might be afraid that you will lose everything, but maybe it is better to accept the loss than live with regret. Nevertheless, breaks can also unite you even more if you realize you cannot live without the other. 

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