Is she the right one?

Is she the right one?


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We constantly think about love and about the right person for us. We go to great lengths in life just to see if we can find our soulmate and this goes on for most of us. It’s not easy and I think that we can never know for sure if we found the right person for us.

With all your history of dates left behind you manage to find yourself a special lady whom you think may be the one, but want to be certain about it.

So, is she the one?

Every time we start dating someone, a little voice in our heads starts wondering if the woman we are with isn’t actually “the one”. You start to wonder about this if months have passed and your feelings for her are still intense. You then begin to ask yourself how much you care and what to do if she actually is the one you want to settle down with.

Even if our feelings run wild and she makes us believe in love at first sight we must be realistic about it and think it through.

The test

You can give your girlfriend a test to determine whether she is the one or not.

Let’s say you go out for dinner and when the check comes you wait a bit to see if she offers to pay. Even if at first it may seem like a way to test her finances, it actually shows her generosity and her independence, but be a gentleman and don’t accept her to pay the check.

This is another test. When you walk her to the car, open her door and after you go to the driver’s side, if you see her reaching out to open yours then she’s definitely a keeper. From this you learn that she is considerate and grateful, even if she just unlocked the door or is trying to reach it, you know that there is a mutual respect.

When planning a date, be spontaneous and change something in the last minute. Tell her that where you were initially going to there is someone you don’t want to see. As any concerned girlfriend she will understand and not insist with personal questions. This shows that she is open to compromises and that she will give you the space you need to feel comfortable.

So she understands that you would discuss the issue with her if you wanted to and so she will give you the time and space you need without making you feel guilty or suspected.

The daughter

Meeting parents or other loved ones and relatives, is yet again a useful test you can apply. Feelings tend to cloud our judgment, but being in the presence of people who care about you can give you an objective view about this girl.

Even if your family members stick their noses in other people’s business you know they do it out of love and out of the desire for you to be happy. Girlfriends use this as some sort of a tool to find out if the guy is good for them or not. It is not as important as her feelings and how she sees you, but acceptance from the other people she cares about is a big deal.

Do you really think that when your girlfriend asks you to come to her parents’ home for supper it’s just so you can meet them or enjoy a meal together? Meeting her parents is like a job interview, you could possibly be the one who will take over the job of taking care of their daughter. You need to think about what to do if you don’t get along with them, are you willing to go through this for the rest of your life?

Setting this aside, if your girlfriend wants you to meet her parents, this is a strong indicator that she has strong feelings for you.

The little things

The little things that you do together are the most important aspects in a relationship, from a woman’s point of view. If you remember your first dates, her favorite food, her favorite song, her pet’s name from when she was a little girl, then you will grow in her eyes even more fondly.

You don’t have to say “I love you” in order to prove to your partner that you actually care. Your actions speak for your feelings of love and devotion and in order to see if she is the one, you just need to pay attention.

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