Keeping your composure

Keeping your composure


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If you want to be successful, you must keep your composure around women and when starting a conversation.

What is composure?

Composure is of utmost importance because we tend to read small cues from others and then make large judgments about them. For example, if you are bothered by small things, you will be thought of as a not so masculine guy. You must keep your composure at all times to seem more attractive.

Women like to test men when they are dating.  If she starts to be demanding and dramatic about something, you must keep your cool. Some of the most successful guys don’t respond at all to drama or tests from women. If you get upset, it will be obvious that you can’t control your emotions and it will be unattractive.

How to approach a woman you want to meet

Your body language is more important than the words you use. No matter where you are and in which type of situation, you must keep in mind that composure and body language are the keys. Most men use a submissive, apologetic body language, thus looking like they are pleading with the woman to give them approval.

The most successful men I know are those who are cool, calm and collected. They approach a woman like she is an old friend. They are not there to receive approval, but to see if she can meet their standards, so sit down and come up to different ways to start a conversation. Some of the best lines are simplest such as:


"What are you drinking?"

"Hi, are you from around here?"

These might be simple lines, but that is why they are so disarming.

Remember, body language and composure are the key elements to attracting women.

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