Learn how to flirt with women

Learn how to flirt with women


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Flirting may seem hard because it’s easy to lose your self-confidence when things don’t turn up as you expected them to. These are some ideas to help you improve your flirting skills.

1. Don’t rely on luck

Everybody knows about the guy who sits at the bar and flirts with everything that passes his way, supposing that if he flirts with as many women as possible, one will fall for it. Well this is a wrong set of mind.

Women feel when you are not good at flirting and they can see if that is your common pick up line, especially if you use it 10 times a night. They do not want to be your back-up plan. Choose only two or three girls to talk to and if they are not interested, don’t push it and go home. Do not play the numbers game, because you will lose.

2. Be the best version of you

Try and make them laugh, but if you are not the funny type, find out what you are best at and show that skill. Perhaps you are really good at dancing or at talking about philosophy. Do not try to be someone you are not. If you are shy, let her talk and just listen, ask her good questions and maintain eye contact.

Most people like talking about themselves, so that should help you. Do not try to replay things that she said but facilitate her train of thoughts. Being shy is not so bad if you know how to create and idea of mystery.

3. Know when to give up

There are times when she just doesn’t like you. In order to know which is which, you will have to pay attention to her body language. If she takes one step back when you try to get closer, starring somewhere else, checking her phone or sits on Facebook while you’re talking to her, it is definitely not a good sign, and you should give up.

Most women will tell you when they are not into you, but you have to pay attention to their hints.  You might be tempted to try a little more and redeem yourself, and sometimes you might actually make it, but it is usually hard to become charming after she has already made her mind. Sometimes you just have to move on.

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