Little Things Count Part 1

Little Things Count Part 1


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Men are thought to be insensitive and careless once they are in a relationship. They tend to stop paying attention to little things without knowing that these can help in big ways.

Take your time to care

After you get into a relationship you must take your time to put more care into your woman’s feelings. Pay some attention. The main problem is that men do not do meaningful little acts of compassion. Despite the fact that you believe that the bigger picture is the one that counts, it is the little details that form it.

When you’re with her

Hold her hand

Although it may not seem much to you, women love to hold hands because by doing so you show the entire world that you two are together.

Pay her a compliment

If you compliment her dress or new hair-do, you will show her that you care and notice all the changes she does to attract you.

Say something original

If you are apart and you are thinking about each other you can tell her something like "I miss the way your perfume smells when you get close to me", which will put a smile on her face and will make her want to please you.

Be a gentleman

Women love gentlemen. You can open the car door for her, place her chair and offer her your jacket when she is cold. Whatever you would do, she will greatly appreciate it.

Do something for her

She knows that you are independent and self-serving, but if you learn to cook for her, it will get you a long way.

Take her with you when you are seeing your friends

It doesn’t mean that you must take her with you every time you go out with your buddies, but one night out with her and your friends will mean a lot.

Contemplate her beauty

It might seem weird to her, but show her and tell her that you love to look at and appreciate her eyes, lips, neck, and hair.

Take a trip together             

Even if this is not really a little thing, she will be really happy when she discovers that you have planned a getaway.

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