Little things count Part 2

Little things count Part 2


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When you are away from her, you should:

Call or e-mail her for no reason

It will work wonders for your relationship if you just call her in the middle of the day to see how she is doing. You can even send her a witty e-mail filled with personal things to brighten her day and put a smile on her face. If you want it to work, do not use this technique too often.

Send her love coupons

Women love gifts, especially when they are at work and a tender loving care coupon redeemable that night might be exactly what she needs to have a wonderful day.

Leave her a note

If you are living under the same roof, what would make her start her day better than a love note on the bathroom mirror before you leave the house? She will be amazed. If you want to go even further you can prepare her lunch and leave her a tag with kisses.

Plan a special evening

Women are very appreciative to men taking initiative and getting things done, especially if you are planning a special evening from scratch. You can have a cab or a limo taking her from work and bringing her to the restaurant. This should only be an intro to what will come next…an evening in bed with a pile of clothes on the floor.

Show up unannounced

Spontaneity is the key to keep things going and if you show up at her office for lunch you will make her day. Just make sure she has the time to take lunch with you.

Send her flowers or chocolate

Although it might seem to be a cliché, if you send her flowers and chocolates you can still achieve miracles. No matter what you send her, it is the thought that matters.

That is why you should not wait to screw it up to do something nice for the woman you love. Moreover, this will help you buy some forgiveness for future mishaps. It never hurts to have a back up plan.

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