Long-Distance Dating

Long-Distance Dating


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Do long-distance relationships really work or are they rather unrealistic? This depends on the type of person you are and what you expect from your partner.

Being thousands of miles apart from your loved one is not the easiest thing in the world, but while some people make it work, others break up shortly after distance comes between them.

When it comes to dating, things are rather easier because there is no strong love bond between the partners yet. You are just dating a girl you like every once in a while, whenever your time and budget allows you to do so and you enjoy every minute you have together.  But then, everyone is moving on with their lives. The good part is, while you are in a relationship, partners tend to be more jealous and possessive, but when you are just dating someone you have your options somehow still open and an eventual break is not so hard to deal with.

If we are to talk about long-distance relationships I could tell you to consider having some sort of an open-relationship, because it is really hard to have a fully monogamous relationship when you are miles apart for a long time, but many people cannot accept that. As much as some like to deny it, the physical part of a relationship is of utmost importance and when it’s missing you try to suppress your natural needs and very often you don’t succeed or get frustrated. That’s the main reason why long-distance relationships don’t work but, as long as you decide together the boundaries that you are not allowed to cross, you might make it and defeat the obstacles the distance sets between you.

On the other hand, long-distance dating is more likely to be beneficial for both of you, especially if you’ve met on online dating websites, because you are already used to not being together. As I already mentioned, the lack of a strong emotional bond allows you to accept the distance and enjoy the small things coming from this type of experience. You can talk via Internet and share your stories and also enjoy one another whenever you have the opportunity to pay each other a visit. You are also less likely to want to keep under control one another or argue because of mistrust, due to the fact that you already know there is nothing you can possibly do when thousands of miles are keeping you apart.

So, after all, is long-distance dating possible? Yes, it is, and it is far less complicated than having a long-distance relationship. The main advantage is that it gives you a sense of freedom so you don’t feel pressured or controlled by your date. The chances of turning this into a relationship are rather slim, since a relationship involves commitment to your partner and both moral and physical support whenever your beloved one needs it. But as long as you are comfortable with having someone, somewhere, who cares about you and understands what long-distance dating involves, you can enjoy spending time together whenever you have the chance to see each other, and you will appreciate it even more.

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