Looking through the eyes of a woman

Looking through the eyes of a woman


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It’s high time you found out if your girlfriend is worth your precious time and since men and women don’t have the same perception of each other, this article comes to shed some light on the issue.

Men, in a woman’s point of view, are companions whom they spend their life with. Women pay attention to details that men find dull and irrelevant.

Talking about yourself

At the end of the day both of you sit down to talk about how your day went. Your girlfriend goes into great details about what happened to her, like the new girl her office hired and whom she doesn’t like or about a skirt she wanted to buy but the store was closed.

Most men can relate to such stories, while when they talk about their day things are more serious, like an argument with the boss or about flat tires. Men need to discuss matters that are important and that affect their life.

What your girlfriend should be doing is to be giving you her undivided attention when you talk about what happened that day, but if she keeps going on how she stained a blouse while you were talking, you might have a bit of a problem. It’s very important for couples to talk to each other as well as listening to one another. So it’s easy for you to figure out whether she’s actually listening or if she is just waiting for you to finish so that she can talk about something else.

Even if men are not great listeners, they still do it and if the relationship is worth it, they will try their best to prove their devotion through their words or actions.

What about compromise?

The importance of promises and compromise in a relationship takes a higher stand. Acting out on your word keeps you from breaking trust and faith. But if you want to go to the cinema to see an action movie and your girlfriend manages to convince you to go see a chick flick, again, you might have a problem.

Sacrifices and compromises come naturally in people who love each other, but in order for a relationship to work they must come from both sides. If you see that your girlfriend keeps arguing with you too much about the things you should do together then you ought to start asking yourself if it’s worth continuing with the relationship.

It’s the little things you do

The plans you make together, the kisses or the inside jokes you have, the little things that you do are one of the most important aspects of any relationship. It’s what gives the relationship its own identity and it’s what brings you closer most of the times. Even if men don’t usually want to display them publicly, they really enjoy them. Waking up to find a note from her that says that she can’t wait to see you when she gets back from work gives men a warm and loving feeling.

Women enjoy spreading the signs of their affection for their boyfriends anywhere they go. Even if men don’t show their affection in the same way, women understand and they don’t even see these signs as a necessity, as long as they know how men feel.

There are men who go great lengths to show their gratitude, like buying expensive gifts for their girlfriends, but there are men that have understood the importance of the little things and try to make them happen.

If you want to know what little things you can do to surprise her and show your appreciation, here are a few of them:

Putting a note in her lunch.

A simple note from you that she finds in her lunch is enough to bring a smile on her face and make her glow with happiness. She enjoys it as much as you do, on a stressful day, this is a reminder that you are loved, cared for and that someone is waiting for you.

Call her when she’s at work.

Calling her to tell her that you love her or that you hope she is not upset and that you’ll be waiting for her is surely going to please her. Whatever you do, be sure not to ask her to run errands when you make this call, it will utterly ruin the beautiful moment you’ve created.

Flowers or chocolates.

These are not exclusive gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or to repair some mistake you’ve made. Flowers and chocolates make your girlfriend smile and think about you and if you do it, she might go easier on you if you make a mistake.


As in the case of the note left in her lunch, sending her a short e-mail will make her think fondly of you and maybe even make her day pass faster.

Dedicating a song.

This might come as a great surprise to her, if you dedicate a special song to her or to the two of you on the radio, you must make sure that she listens to it, so let her know about it.

Being in a long, committed and special relationship is all about caring for the person you have beside you and showing your affection. Pay attention to the signs that show you if your relationship is worth another minute or not.

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