Make dating fun again

Make dating fun again


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So I am in my 30’s and I am still single. It is kind of hard when going in vacation with my friends who are already in a relationship and I have to share a room with another single man in his 30’s.  So, I should date, but dating has kind of lost its charm since I’d rather stay at home watching a TV show instead of taking a girl out for dinner.

When you are young, it is fun to go on dates. You feel like you are growing up and that you can become a man through a woman’s eyes. Those first dates were magical. Just the thought that someone from the opposite sex wants to spend their time with you made it exhilarating and terrifying.

In my 20’s, things began to change. There were men who already had a life-plan and a woman to be a part of it, while others like me, chose to linger at the bar until morning waiting for an opportunity and the others to go home early. So I was out there dating, or better yet, socializing because I would only socialize to get her to bed.

Real dates were rare. It was more about networking and making sure that you were meeting the right people and keeping up with the trends. It was fun but I was already starting to change. Connecting with women became more difficult. Suddenly everyone changed.

This new game carries on into our 30’s. But things start to slow down. In your 30’s, your job can become your social life if you don’t have any longstanding relationships. Nowadays, meeting new people means being fixed up or meeting someone at a party. But you still have to go on a real date and that means that you have to undergo an audition process.

Romance is great, but where is it? She might be cool and fun, but would she like my family? Should I pay or should we split the check? I’ve been thinking that it is about time to stop thinking so much and just be happy going out again.  Before the adult starts asking too many questions we should let the sixteen years old boy us enjoy the attraction.

We should stop approaching dates like interviews or auditions. I know it is hard, but maybe it can still be fun, like it used to be. Save the questions for later.

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