Marrying your first love

Marrying your first love


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Although this might seem as a scene from a 90’s movie, you can have it all with the first woman you have fell for and you can make it worth with the right person by your side. If you are thinking about marring your high-school or college sweetheart, you should read this.

Back in the days

Back in the days, couples used to save their virginity until marriage and many believe that those were better times, when the family and marriage were the highest priorities in life. Are we wiser today due to progress and evolution or should we be listening to those who advise us to return to the traditional values? What I am saying might not make sense to you, but it is directly correlated with the decision to settle down with your first love. By deciding to marry your first love, you are showing a willingness to fight the pressure of modern society. Marriage itself is a game of chance but if you also combine it with the experience of one person, the odds are stacking up against you.

I still believe that statistics have nothing to do with love so if you think that this is the right decision for you, the payoff might reward both of you, for life.

The new school ideas

Life is different now than back in the days. Nowadays, it is all about instant gratification. Love has lost in favor of experience and sexual exploration. The society puts a lot of pressure on us, to work hard and focus on our career. We can only think about love and marriage later in life. I am not old-fashioned, despite the fact that I stated before that we should return to traditional values, but I want to believe that you can still find happiness with that first love.

Why the grass is not greener

There are men who think of getting married with their first love but worry that they might lose the chance of meeting other women. If you find yourself in this position, you should know that a great relationship in which you can both love each other and be yourself is hard to find. Sex is great as long as you share a deep bond with someone, where the comfort level is high and the communication is honest. I assume you have all that with your love. Moreover, real love is priceless, so if you have found it, don’t let it go.

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