Meeting women who make a difference

Meeting women who make a difference


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Extraordinary women who challenge your mind and body are some rare appearances who might change your life if you have the chance of meeting them.

But how can an average looking man get the attention of a demi-goddess? Is there any spell which might draw her attention to a normal looking guy who has nothing else to offer than himself?

Well, you might be surprised, but those rare women usually react positively to the most simple, sincere and confident approaches. A valuable woman will never expect a man to introduce himself from the interior of a limousine or by bragging that he is an extremely important CEO at a multinational.

Actually, real and special women are those who are beautiful, spiritual and intelligent but lack the taste of money. This means that she will not love you more if you buy her a Lamborghini  and she won’t hate you if you aren’t taking her shopping once a week in different European capitals.

Where you can find such women, you ask. Well, you might find her in a Yoga Centre, at a library, doing some charity events, at morning in a park jogging, at an opera show. Finally, everywhere there is culture, healthy life, good deeds and smart ideas.

Once you manage to identify one of those women, all you have to do is get to her with a friendly smile, ask if you can join her in whatever she’s doing and start a polite and good-spirited conversation. Make your voice sound calm and interested. Women like this, appreciate a man with composure and honesty. You can act cocky and funny from time to time; actually, adding a little humor is a great idea, smart women love humor, but beware, it has to be a sophisticated humor.

Choose your words wisely, act confident, make her smile and be honest in everything you say. This is a quality good women will fall for. 

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