Moody woman

Moody woman


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Men complain that they do not understand their wives. There are moments when their wives or girlfriends are kind, loving and then suddenly they get a mood swing and everything they do is wrong.

Make sense of it all

Women change their mood very often, depending on their self-esteem. When their self-esteem rises they show an abundance of love to give whereas when it falls even the sky might break apart.

The fall

For a woman, this experience is like falling into a deep dark well where she sinks into her unconscious self, her darkness and all her diffused feelings. That is when she feels hopeless, overwhelmed, insecure, resentful, mistrustful and worried. This is when she experiences all her negative feelings and unfulfilled needs and when she feels the need to talk about her problems, to be heard and understood.

Understand it

These are the 3 most important concepts you must know and understand:

1- A man's love and support cannot instantly resolve a woman's issues despite the fact that it can make it safe for her. Her problems will come up again and again but in time you will get better at supporting her.

2. When she falls, it is not a man’s fault because you can’t and shouldn’t try to prevent it from happening.

3. She can rise up after she has hit rock bottom. She is not broken; she just needs your love, patience and understanding.

Expect it and deal with it

It is important to make her feel supported when she falls so that she won’t suppress her negative feelings again. Over time, she will avoid intimacy or numb her feelings through addictions.  Without this emotional catharsis, she will slowly lose her ability to love and grow in love.

Be there for her

You must support her when she has mood changes or else she will be unable to be truly happy. You just have to understand that a woman goes through mood changes to release, heal and purify her emotions. This is a natural, healthy process which will make her happier in the relationship, just because she has your support.

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