Online dating advice for men and women

Online dating advice for men and women


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FIND YOUR LOVE Click on the profiles below tries to offer you a fun and safe place for meeting other single persons or even the love of your life. Also, is the place where you can build relationships based on trust and love which could take you further to long-term relationships, outside the online medium. When deciding to meet a person in real life, take some precautions. Both in the real and online dates, follow the rules of common sense, manners and security methods.

1. Don’t hurry to meet in person somebody you met online.
Be careful with people who seem too good to be true. Sometimes, the first impression is tricky. Start by communicating through emails and messages, then look for any sign of inappropriate behavior. The person you talk to on an online dating site, might be different from the real user. If something smells fishy, back off for your own good and security. Trust in your instincts and have fun with the right persons.

2. Don’t give away details like phone number, address, etc.
Any communication method between users is safe and secure. We are hiding your personal info, until you choose to share it. Never include your real name, email address, home address, phone number, workplace and other personal info in the public sections of the profile or in your conversations. Not until you completely trust the person you are talking to. And don’t forget, if somebody is blackmailing you or trying to trick you into giving away personal details, immediately stop any communication means with that person.

3. Pay attention at the first date and keep up good manners
A lot of attention and thinking with the brain, not with the heart, could bring up better results after a date. Don’t trust just anybody. Don’t forget you will always be able to control the way you are communicating with people around you. You can remain completely anonymous until you feel prepared. If you feel like somebody is lying to you, stop the interaction immediately. Don’t get involved too fast, even if the relationship is only online. If you both agree to take the relationship to the next level, always be smart and protect yourself.

4. Try and find out more about the person you fancy
Because your intimacy but also safety are very important for us, we do a little check-up on our users, before signing up. Anyway, we encourage them to make their own investigations by putting the right questions or by using search engines provided by the Internet. Nothing is 100% sure, so don’t forget to use your heart and your head in the same time.

 5. Ask for recent photos

A photo can help us make an idea about the way a person looks. Actually, sometimes it is better to see some photos in different postures, even if they aren’t so clear. Anyway, if you keep on receiving excuses instead of pictures, there might be something wrong with the person you talk to. 

6. Use the phone
When you feel safe in doing so, you can talk on the phone with the person you fancy. It’s a useful way of finding out more about that person (like social and communicational skills). Even if you feel very good talking to that person, use a mobile phone, not the house number. Better safe than with regrets. Reveal your phone number only when you feel safe and trust that person.

7. Meet up in person only when you feel ready and secure
When you create a profile on an online dating site, the best part is that you get to discover different people little by little and you also get discovered in the same way. It’s your choice if you want the relationship to remain strictly online or otherwise. Moreover, there is the benefit of getting to know that specific person before meeting them in person. Don’t forget, it’s your choice if you want to take the next step from behind the screens and buttons. Nobody hurries you!

8. Set up dates in public places, where you feel safe
If you want to meet up in person, tell a friend of yours where you are heading to, who you meet and when you think you’ll be back. Don’t let your date pick you up from home. Take your own ride, meet in a public place and when the date is at an end, go home alone.

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