Overcome your shyness

Overcome your shyness


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There are men who cannot seem to be able to break the ice or who cannot pick up a woman. Unfortunately you cannot play spin-the-bottle your entire life to make contact with a girl. It is not that easy and you must grab your confidence by the neck and overcome your shyness.

Are you shy?

You might seem cool in front of your friends with all of your stories about picking up women, but are these true? How can you know if you are shy or at least admit it? For instance, if you went to an all-boys school, you probably are, because if you haven’t been exposed to girls as a young boy, you can develop an outer shell when it comes to mature women. Also, if you have never had a girlfriend, even if you think that talking to a girl for 15 minutes is a success, you are still a shy guy.

Signs you are a shy guy

Loner baby

If you prefer to be on your own, taking care of your business, you are probably a loner and even if that doesn’t mean that you will be single forever, you are on your way.

Too friendly

If you have been repeatedly rejected, you have developed either a no holds barred method to approaching women or you have become too friendly. The latter will allow you to infiltrate the female circuit, but that doesn’t ensure you a partner.

These are some tips to overcome your shyness:

Meet women

When you are shy, it is hard to meet women and get their phone numbers. Don’t overthink this and go out with a friend, putting on your Don Juan persona.

Create an alter ego

Develop a side of you that accentuates your good parts. Don’t try to be someone you are not, but try to improve your superficial character.

Choose women who don’t intimidate you

If you do not care what the outcome will be, you will be more confident in approaching a woman. In time you will be able to talk to more attractive women, too.

Positive thoughts and confidence

Overcoming your shyness comes from within. Women tend to catch your signals so if you think that you are not good enough for a woman, she will see it and viceversa.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is an extension of a high confidence level. It is also an indicator of the fact that she is interested in you or not. If she discretely looks at you, play her game and go talk to her.

Bring a friend with you at the bar

If you are with a friend you will be more comfortable when it comes to talking to women because no matter what happens, he will be there to support you, or even give you some tips on how to approach a woman.

The next time you are looking at an attractive woman, remember that the hardest part is to approach her and to maintain a stimulating conversation.

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