Planning a birthday party

Planning a birthday party


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How to celebrate her birthday party at any age:

She is in her 20’s

We are all unique but there are common threads that link a particular age group. For those in their 20’s it is an almost universal desire to get drunk and have a good time.

Plan the party: You could start by taking her to a sit-down restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy because we all know that she will appreciate it as in your 20’s sit-down meals don’t happen very often.

Afterwards, bring some of your friends into your apartment with some cases of beer and a fun playlist to make her a surprise party. If she or her friends don’t drink alcohol, have a blender ready for some nonalcoholic cocktails.

She is in her 30’s

When you are in your 30’s and you don’t have kids yet or you are freshly parents, you still yearn for the fun times of the recent past.

Plan the party:  Take her out for a cocktail and then bring some friends to a restaurant she has always wanted to go. Buy champagne and wine. If you can afford it, buy them all their meal.

She’s in her 40’s

You are used to each other by now and you both have careers so fancy dinners are something common. That is why you have to do something different: cook for her.

Plan the party:  If you have kids, bring a baby sitter or send her to a friend’s house. Plan a menu, set the table and have good alcohol around in case something happens to the dinner. Invite four or five friends for a warm, intimate celebration.

She is in her 50’s

She will probably say she doesn’t want you to do anything for her birthday. Don’t listen. Everybody wants to feel special.

Plan the party: This should be kept in family: you, her and maybe your grown children.  Reserve a table to a nice restaurant and book tickets to some sort of show afterward.

Timeless essentials

Regardless of her age, you have to make her birthday party fun. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone else but her. Make sure you’ve got all the basics and good times will come.

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