Reason why women lie

Reason why women lie


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Every man has been lied to by his girlfriend or wife. It depends only if it has been about silly things like age or weight or if it was about something more serious such as adultery. If she lies about serious matters, it means that she doesn’t respect you. On the other hand, little white lies are told in order to spare someone’s feelings and this shouldn’t be judged.

These are some of the typical lies told by women:

1. I like spending time with your mother.

Studies have shown that more than half of the women would choose staying at home and cleaning instead of spending time with their mother-in-law. You should second-guess her intentions when she says she loves your mom.

2. I am not angry at you

This is almost never true. Women suppose their man should see that it means the exact opposite. If she has to say this, she is probably pretty mad.

3. It was on discount

If she tries to convince you (or herself) that a product was worth buying, she knows she shouldn’t have done it.

For instance if a sweater initially cost 1000$ and she bought it with 250$ she will think she saved 750$ while you will see it as if she just spent 250$ on a sweater.

There are many men who are being lied to by their girlfriends or wives. If it seems that she tries not only to convince you but also herself, or if her actions don’t meet her words, something isn’t right. You must pay attention. It could be silly, but it could also be more serious.

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