Reasons for which you are still single

Reasons for which you are still single


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During the conversations that I have I am often asked where are those women that I keep talking about: beautiful, smart, honest, nice, working, good housewives, etc.

On the other side women are also talking about where is that perfect man: warm, protective, funny, with a healthy mind and body, nice and cute.

They are real but the truth is that in a decadent society is hard to find each other. We pass next to one another without realizing that we have just passed near the person who could have been our perfect match.

Somebody once asked me: “Tell me where I can find a nice, serious girl? Where should I look for her? Should I go to church?”

I think that you can find her anywhere, just as long as you truly want to find her and you are more than assiduous to see her.

There are also men who no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to find the perfect woman and if they finally do, they end up losing her without even realizing what just happened.

Are you doing the following mistakes?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time for you to take a stand

1. You don’t know how to be pleasant, attractive or how to draw attention upon yourself.

 Many men fail just because they don’t know how to talk to a woman in order to draw attention and keep her interested. You must learn how to keep her interested according to the way she thinks, acts or talks. It is wrong to have the same kind of conversation with all the women. Some are very smart, others are dreamy, interested in weirder things or they are simple, and so on.

Find out how she really is from your conversation and then you will quickly find the way to get close to her, according to what you discover.

2. You are looking in all the wrong places. It depends a lot on the type of women that you are looking for.

If you want a beautiful and intelligent woman, you will definitely not find her on Hi5, and let’s be honest, nor on Facebook (although it is filled with semi-naked women who are launching another kind of message, and men know that women who pose like that have their reasons). I have heard, pretty rarely, but I did, about persons who have met on Facebook and joined their destinies. But these Cinderella stories from Facebook are extremely rare.

Sex sells, it always did and always will.

But not everybody is a famous woman, woman which is paid to pose naked, who makes money from this, launches campaigns, promotes brands, businesses, etc., which bring a lot of money.

The attempt to meet women in clubs and bars is a waste of time (again, it depends on what you are looking for: if you are looking for a woman for just one night, you are probably in the right place, if you are looking for one with whom you can  build a relationship, it is a little bit harder). Many women dislike meeting guys in bars or clubs, opposing thus resistance when you try approaching them.

A few days ago I was saying on my Facebook page that one of the best places to meet a woman is the gym. And I meant it.

Everybody is relaxed, listening to music, they’re underdressed and you can tell the weight and height. Men love women who go to the Gym.

They can flirt.

Every time I hit the Gym I see the way we look at one another, smile and say hi. It is a relaxing, intimate place. Plus the fact that there are people with whom you share at least one thing in common: the desire to be healthy, to look good, etc.

So I recommend you: malls, café’s, concerts, gyms, etc.

Women know that men who are looking for them in clubs or bars are just interested in a “one night stand”, so they should not be surprised when they are rejected by a certain type of women.

3. You don’t trust yourself

Women are attracted to men who are confident. Period.

Nobody wants a man who has no self-confidence. A confident man, on him and his sexuality, feels comfortably around women and that will only draw more of them.

4. You are not persistent

Many times you are not even trying; you quit too early, these being some of the common mistakes that men make. You may be rejected by a dozen women until you find the one who will like you.

Remember! The number of dates is not important, what counts it’s persisting on meeting women. In that way you will improve your flirt strategies, you will manage to know more types of women and you will be able to learn many things from them. Also, you will get prepared for the one who will be the one, with increased chances.

5. Women do not like men who are excessively servile, humble, who are constantly looking for validation when they are around a woman.

There are obviously many reasons. The way you look is a very important aspect:  body care, clothes, education, sexual attraction, etc.

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