Reasons why excitement is important

Reasons why excitement is important


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Reasons why excitement is important

You’ve met somebody new. After living for a while as a single and free person, you sometimes crave for a relationship. This woman you’ve met is bubbly and cute, but your heart is not popping out when about to see her.

What’s happening?

When we desperately need to step out of a single life, we get out there with a buzzed mind, with wrong impressions and overwhelming desires. You will want a relationship right now and you will expect for it to take place naturally and without effort. It never works that way.

In search for passion

When it’s about dating, you will realize that patience is an amazing power. Your desired beautiful relationship won’t fall from the sky, you have to work and wait for it.

In order to attract a potential partner, you have to embrace yourself as being single, for now. Don’t get desperate or lonely, just open yourself and let the good things step inside.

Search for excitement even before meeting the person, anticipate the meaning of such an interaction.


Stop making compromises. Compromise leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. Avoid getting married and having three children, living a life in the suburbs if you’re not passionate about the partner.

If you wake up in the morning and think about the person you’re dating and all you’ve got is something close to indifference, let it go. Be true to yourself and look for something better, there surely is.

You have one life, one chance

Since your time is limited on this planet, try and live only pleasant experiences. Try and do things with passion. Excitement is dedication and intensity, so use it to light up your life.

Don’t waste your time with people you are not so passionate about. If it’s not passionate, it’s not real love.

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