Reasons Why You Are Tempted To Cheat

Reasons Why You Are Tempted To Cheat


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Researchers have come up with a very simple reason why men cheat and that is because of our instincts. That’s right, we are all animals and we are many times acting as such, but this is no excuse for cheating on your loved one. No matter what happens in your relationship, you have to be honest with your partner if you feel something has changed.

Sometimes we feel neglected and underappreciated. If that happens and you realize there is another woman who shows you more attention, beware of getting involved with her. All you have to do is be honest with your girlfriend and tell her that you feel neglected; she deserves to know what you feel.

Every once in a while, our male ego makes us want to go out there and prove ourselves that we can still attract other women. You can role-play with your girlfriend or bring something new in your love life, because chances are you will regret losing her just to prove yourself a point.

Another common mistake men make is thinking that they can always have a better woman. This sort of competition has no happy ending. You have to set your priorities straight. If you want to be single and meet other women with no strings attached it’s fine, but if you decided to be in a relationship, then act accordingly.

When you are in a successful relationship, you feel confident and secure and women can see it. Thus, because they are attracted to confident men, you might turn a few heads around, but never forget: you are so appealing precisely because you are in a relationship and you look like a challenge, so do not let it get to your ego too much.

Sometimes, women just want to prove themselves that they can have you, even though you have a girlfriend. You should not pay attention to them because in the end you are nothing more than a bet they make with themselves. Even if she is hot, you should feel good about yourself that you got to reject a hot woman like her.

If you feel you are not good enough for her, you have probably cheated on her or you feel guilty for some other reason. If this is the case, you should confess and try to make things better, or just let it go. If you think she is smarter or more beautiful than you, then you should be proud of her and try to keep up with her.

Doesn’t your girlfriend appreciate you anymore? You feel that no matter what it is that you are doing, she is never satisfied? Tell her. Maybe she does not realize what she is doing, or rather not doing. If she still does not change her attitude, maybe it is time to reconsider your relationship.

When women let themselves go and we start finding them not so attractive anymore, we are likely to cheat on them. If you believe that your girlfriend does not take care of herself anymore, maybe you should suggest working out together. The time spent together will strengthen your relationship and in the end you both look and feel great.

Last but not least, a very common reason for cheating is the fear of commitment. You should not complicate the situation even more. Explain to her that you are not ready yet to start a family. She might understand that, but if she does not, then you should break up. Cheating is not a good solution.

I am not saying that only men cheat, but in our case we are genetically predisposed to do it and we do not think much about it. Nevertheless, no woman will take that as an excuse. After all, we have a conscience that we should use in order to refrain ourselves from cheating on our ladies. Nobody deserves to be lied to.

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