Relationship Communication Issues

Relationship Communication Issues


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Most men feel like they are always those who are trying to fix the couple’s problems, but their partners probably feel the same, too. So, why do we fail in seeing the fact that we are both trying?

Recognize the problems

The root to all problems seems to lie in a common communication issue-understanding why we talk. We tend to assume that men and women talk for the same reason, but this is not true. Women talk to express what they’re feeling whereas men do it to find solutions. Men want to be heroes by giving their partner’s solutions but if this works when there is the need for an immediate solution, in other cases it will cause a conflict.

Develop your listening skills. When she is sharing her problems, resist the temptation to offer solutions, because your woman doesn’t need to be fixed but to be listened to.

Shut up and listen

You must give up giving unsolicited pieces of advice. Whenever she speaks you must listen to her, make eye contact, nod your head and ask questions about her feelings. Encourage her to talk about her problems and frustrations. You will see how grateful she will be for the chance to share her feelings.

She must also learn how to recognize that your pragmatic side is sometimes helpful. It may seem to you that you understand this communication issue, but this is the only way to approach this situation.

Communicate and stop fighting

Men and women have different communication styles and when a man learns how to listen to a woman, she will feel understood respected and assured. When a woman understands her man’s reactions, she will be able to appreciate his intentions. She will be able to explain him her needs and they will be able to communicate better.

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