Secrets to flirting

Secrets to flirting


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You are perfect on paper so why are you still single? You might be too shy to flirt with women, but the chances of being approached by a woman telling you that she finds you cute and that she would like to go out with you for a coffee are very slim.

That is why it is very important for you to be proactive and stop expecting things to come to you in life. Take matters into your own hands. Find out if she is interested in you and start flirting. If she responds, she is interested so you should approach her. Be charming to captivate her and get her number.

How to flirt?

Before you can start flirting, you must understand its essence. It is all about interest and you should never flirt with a woman who you don’t want to get to know better. If you do, you will be wasting your time. Women have great instincts and they will know when you are not truly interested. For a successful flirting, there has to be a mutual attraction.

To flirt means to involve your whole body in this game. You must be confident, fun, playful and mysterious because talking the talk without walking the walk is ineffective. Use all the tools of body language such as eye contact, smiling, being attentive, playing, touching, etc., and combine them to show her that you really are interested in her. If you are too sexual, too eager to flirt with anyone or too self-centered, you will not be successful. To make sure you succeed, follow these steps:

1. Just try: flirting means that you have to be proactive. Just try it on because nothing will happen if you sit back. Who doesn’t enjoy a little flirting?

2. Eye contact: do not stare, but keep an eye-contact if you want to have a better chance of meeting her. If you playfully look into her eyes, you will be very compelling as she will think that she has your undivided attention.

3. Be interested:  you must pay genuine attention to her because there are few things that appeal more to a woman than showing her that you are totally into her.

4. Flattery: honest appraisal is a turn-on, but false praise is a total turn-off

5. Games: flirting is fun so tease and giggle.

6. Touching: brush arms, bump knees and tweak noses.

7. Smile: do it openly and sincerely-it’s irresistible

8. Do not underestimate yourself: anyone can flirt. Practice makes it perfect. Remember that sincerity is what works best.

9. Enjoy it:  flirting is fun and when you are enjoying it, it is more convincing. Do not torment yourself like you would be defusing a bomb.

Top flirting mistakes:

There are many people who believe that flirting is a waste of time because they do it the wrong way.  When flirting, follow these rules:

1. Do not play innocent and helpless because you will get annoying

2. Don't be slick.

3. Don't be negative.

4. Don't play stupid.

5. Don't act silly.

6. Don't whine.

The next time you see a woman you like, do not be afraid to flirt. You cannot achieve anything if you do not try. Remember that it all starts with flirting.

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