See Her Less, Want Her More

See Her Less, Want Her More


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Men get crazy over a certain woman for mind-blowing reasons. For example, a good friend of mine went madly in love with a “special” woman whom attention he couldn’t get under any circumstances. That girl was simply ignoring his existence and that made him fall for her even more.

He started to ask himself why he can’t get her out of his thoughts and how to act in order to win her over. It was like the less interested she acted towards him, the more he wanted her.

If you ever found yourself in such a situation, where your attraction and interest for a woman is not mutual but your feelings are so intense, take a minute to rationalize things. Perhaps all that magnetism and that “She’s the one” feeling you get is a result of her ignoring you constantly. Maybe you are fascinated by what you cannot have, just as many other men are. There are some women who will take with one hand what they gave you with the other. The first step to overcome this impossible situation and do something to set yourself free from her is to admit that you chase her only because she is ignoring you.

After you acknowledge and understand this idea, you have two possible solutions:

1. Let it be

Walk away, hide and never see her again. If she chose to ignore you for so long while you gave her all the signs that you’re into her, there is no point in waiting for her anymore. Perhaps you just had the bad luck of meeting a woman who feeds off from the attention and misery of the others. Maybe she enjoys the desperation in your eyes and she keeps playing you like a cat does with a mouse.

If she is like that, she is for sure not your “special woman”. Who would want a woman so insensitive and egocentric?

2. Research

Ok, she ignores you as a possible partner, but can she reject your friendship? Call her and ask her out with you and some of your friends for a bowling night. Make her understand that you don’t want something intimate or romantic, just a night out with some friends at bowling. After a few sessions of going out with her and other friends, ask her to go for a coffee, still in a friendly atmosphere and nothing more. Get to know her without that romantic aura. See how she really is as a woman and as a human. Not only that you will get to know her and have the chance of figuring out if she really is that special, but you will also wake her interest.

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