Sex or love?

Sex or love?


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Relationships are based on many things such as love, respect, communication and sex, but many think that a relationship cannot last without sex, and they are probably right.

It is all about love

Love is primordial in a relationship and it should not be ignored or disregarded because this is to what is basically boiling down to: the category couples fall into, she loves you or not.

The possibility of multiple choices

A relationship can be based on three categories: love, sex or both. You do not have to choose one or another, but you must be informed about your decision or where you might stand.

Solely love

A union based on love is one created from respect between two people in which they don’t seem the need to add to the equation a physical intimacy. You might not understand why, but there are couples who cannot have sex due to physical disabilities, or they choose to only have sex as an act of procreation. It is their choice.

Just sex

This type of relationship doesn’t mind for feelings. It is an arrangement to satisfy primal sexual tensions and pent-up frustrations. It is all about temporary happiness and instant gratification. Love can appear after such long-lasting relationships, especially on the woman’s part, but this rarely happens, because men prefer to keep it exactly as it is.

Sex & love

This is the perfect type of relationship because when you are in love, you can grow together and when you have minor problems, sex becomes the band-aid which can fix them. One complements the other.

Take it or leave it

You should understand that no matter how your partner wants to go through the relationship, you must accept it and if you can’t, you must end it.

Get ready

Find someone that fits your needs. It is important to do this in order to avoid deception. Men love with their minds while women do it with their bodies. If you keep this in mind, you will understand some differences between men and women in the dating game.

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