She disappeared like she never existed

She disappeared like she never existed


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There was a guy who was seeing a girl for the past couple of weeks and everything was wonderful, they were having a great time. At one point, he had the chance to develop physical intimacy with her, too, but he held it off, since he really liked that girl and wanted to make it special. Once, she even talked about her dreams of a brighter future for the two of them. All these were clear signs that she was really interested in him. Still, out of nowhere, she disappeared and the guy started to ask himself what happened and where he did wrong.

Have you ever been in such a situation? To live some extremely happy and memorable moments with a woman and then everything stops like nothing happened? Well, if you did, you shouldn’t panic. If you tried to contact her and got no response she might have changed her mind regarding your relationship. Or, perhaps something happened in her life which doesn’t permit her to answer you, still, that’s an unlikely scenario.

Usually, women tend to avoid conflict so if she decided that she doesn’t want to see you anymore, ignoring your calls and texts is the simplest way for her to avoid you and tell you in the same time that you should stop looking for her.

Try and think about something else, meet new people and get active. If she really wants you near her, she will call you back and explain to you what happened. 

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