She Plays Hard To Get

She Plays Hard To Get


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I used to do all kinds of crazy stuff in my love life only to get a woman’s attention and interest. When I met an interesting woman I’d call her several times per week, take her to dinner, make her gifts, finally, I would chase after her. I’ve done all of these things to show my interest and my devotion, to show her that I could move mountains just to get her to hold my hand while we take a walk.

Finally, I quit doing all that stuff, well, maybe only some of it. The results of my actions were under my expectations. The woman I chased after, you know…being hunted, got bored and started to treat me friendly or played hard to get. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I was giving them full attention, respect and commitment. Soon I realized that there were men around me who were incredibly successful with women. I’ve seen average looking guys attracting ladies and making them stick around.

After some time dedicated to research I found out that women won’t need total dedication and attention. On the contrary, what makes a woman linger for you is to show her that you are confident on your skills and powers. Constantly proving a woman that you’re into her will finally bore her. The whole idea is to make her wonder what’s wrong, to make her doubt her charms and turn her into a seductress.

Successful dating men were the ones who played hard to get. This was confusing at first, but if you come to think about it, you realize that if you court a woman, she will get the impression that you seek a long-term relationship or even marriage. Of course, you might want that too, but not right from the start, right? Therefore what you must do is to take it slow and casual, if she wants something serious, she will give you those certain hints and wait for you to court her.

Remember that if you will ever chase a woman again, the only thing she will do is run away from you.

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