Should men be more sensitive? Part 2

Should men be more sensitive? Part 2


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Preventive Sensitivity

Sensitivity can be learned and improved with age. There are men who are natural at being sensitive, but there are others who lack the subtle ways needed to make your woman happy. What you should know is that it is actually quite simple: you just have to play the game according to how much affection your girlfriend needs.

If she is happy as long as you listen to her when she talks, leave it like that, but if she wants you to be more communicative and interested in talking, you might as well do it. You can save yourself a lot of headaches.

If she wants to talk to you about your future, you should stop everything that you are doing and truly listen to her, no matter if it is during the football finals. You should deal with your urgent matters as soon as possible. If you don’t do it, you might end up doing things you don’t want to and you will be finding yourself in an even longer conversation, just because you are too caught in the game.

Which stage are you in?

You must take a look at the sensitive stages acceptable in different periods of the relationship and at which habits will doom your relationship:

0-3 months

It is ok to do little acts of chivalry during the beginning of a relationship such as opening the car door, offering her your jacket when she is cold or cleaning out her movie seat. It is too much though, to stay at home when she is catching a cold, while your friends are out having fun.

3-6 months

It is alright to introduce her to your parents and family, but it is too much to ask her to chitchat with your distant grandmother who will explain to your girlfriend all her recent surgeries.

6-12 months

It is ok for you to expect her to ditch her girlfriends to come to your cousin’s wedding, but it is too much to open a joint account and trust her with all your finances when she doesn’t even work.

More than 12 months

It is ok to take trips together and go somewhere where all your problems are so distant, but it is too much to ask her to marry you just because she expects it and because it is your longest relationship.

No matter how macho you are or how lovey-dovey she can get, you can always be more sensitive and affectionate, so do not avoid to be nice every now and then to make your relation

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