Singling out a woman in a group

Singling out a woman in a group


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Women tend to go out in groups, no matter if they go out clubbing, for a walk or shopping. So, what do you do when you want to talk to the woman you like? For instance, if there is another friend with her, should you talk to both of them and ask for both of their numbers or just the number of the woman you are interested in?

There are different methods of approaching women who go out in groups. You can approach the entire group with stories or other interesting techniques to draw their attention and win their approval after which you can turn to the woman who draws your interest. Another method of approaching women is to simply go and approach the woman you’re interested in.

Most beautiful women surround themselves with women who are less prettier than them, just to look more attractive so if like in the example above, you see a beautiful woman with a less attractive friend near her and you are worried that the not-so-attractive woman might feel bad that you hit on her prettier friend, you must keep in mind the following things:

1. There are lots of other men who approached the beautiful woman in front of her friend.

2. The less attractive friend knows how to deal with it.

3. You shouldn’t waste your time finding reasons why not to talk to the hot woman and just do it.

Even if you are rejected, you have nothing to lose so stop worrying and if you see a woman whom you are interested in, choose one of the two methods of singling her out and get her number.

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