Social media after you break-up

Social media after you break up


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Our lives have become so open and see-through due to social media, in comparison to past years. Our personal information can be accessed by anyone in our social networks, they can find out where we go, who we are with and what we are doing.

It’s true that it helps us be better informed and keep in touch with close and distant friends and relatives, but it also creates difficult situations for our personal relationships, mostly when they end.

So what do you do when you and your girlfriend break up? Is it better to keep her among your friends on Facebook or should you interrupt any kind of communication?

Do it for her

If you remain friends with her on social networks you allow her access to every digital interaction you make. She can see your statuses, your new photos and you’re every check-in. Even if you think that she’s not focused on you right now, she can still access any bit of information about you, and women have the tendency to keep a close eye on their exes, this making it practically impossible to let go of the past and moving on.

Why does she follow your accounts?

She might want to see how you’re doing without talking to you, she will especially want to see if you are happy or miserable and if you are doing well without her or found someone new. She wants to know if you are more sociable now that you’re not together anymore or if you stay inside.

Actually, she will want both outcomes to be a reality, part of her will want to see that you are happy and that you’re moving on and part of her will want you to lock yourself away and be miserable because you lost her.

It is a damaging behavior and you will do her a favor if you cut her off your friends list, because she will become the Facebook stalker. Erasing her from your friends list will prevent both of you from doing these things, which will help you both move on and lead happy and healthy lives. 

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