Survive your wedding planning

Survive your wedding planning


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A wedding is the culminating point of the courtship period and as that special day approaches you must start planning it so things can become a little tense. The secret of surviving your wedding planning is to work together. As far as I know, there is still no “I” in team.

Work together

Planning a wedding is hard as long as you don’t want to elope and have a private wedding on a sandy beach. If this was the case, this article would be useless but most women even if in the beginning say that they do not want a big wedding, by the end of the engagement, they succumb to the idea of a fairytale wedding. This can be beautiful, but it takes two people who are on the same page to plan it.

When it comes to set the details for the wedding ceremony and reception, you might get lost and that is normal, but you must know that when frustration occurs, you must remember that you love your future wife. Moreover, remember that the end goal is to become husband and wife and start a life and family together. That is, until insanity sets in with the expectations of family, constraints of budget and the disorganization of your vendors. The fact that a couple will argue about their wedding before they get married is a sure thing, unless the groom is clueless and does not care about it.

Conflict avoidance

You must accept that you will argue about a few things related to the ceremony and reception but conflict avoidance is the best thing a man can do before the wedding. Remember that she is the star of the wedding and try to avoid arguments on the following things:

The invitations

I pay attention to details as much as any other person, but it is really not worth arguing about invitations. If she asks you which font you like, speak your mind but do not argue about it. Not many people care too much about invitations, although they can be very pricy. They will be tossed out so let your future wife and her mom choose the details.

Her dress

This topic is more than obvious. I only write it down because I’ve seen men who were trying to convince their fiancés to wear a certain dress. Avoid this conversation by all means. The dress is the symbol for the bride and you do not want to ruin that.

Her religious beliefs

If you have different religious beliefs, as the wedding day approaches, it will be a mess, especially if the family comes over and tries to influence the outcome. In order to avoid a pandemonium, you can have numerous conversations about your expectations long before the idea of marriage. Include in the ceremony traditions from both of your beliefs.

Her family traditions

While you can compromise on religious beliefs, you won’t be able to do it when it comes to her family traditions. For instance, if she wants to wear a horrible broach that has been in her family for generations, let her. You shouldn’t step over her family traditions.

Her vision of her wedding

I know this might sound unfair to you, but let’s be honest: the wedding day is all about the bride so, don’t sabotage her vision of the wedding. The only exception might be when you or your parents are paying for the wedding or if most of the guests are from your side but, I still advise you to let her do her thing.

Here comes the bride

Let her be the princess she wants to be on this day. Be her prince and make her happy. When it comes to buying a house, you can choose whatever furniture you want and that will last more than the wedding cake.

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