The forever bachelor

The forever bachelor


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“Oh, they look so good together!”

You heard that many times, right? Those are happily coupled guys who found a way to keep a woman by their side. But what about those single men who seem to be forever bachelors?

There are some men designed to live a life full of dates and love affairs, but besides those, there are men who spend their entire life without the company of a lover or partner. What about those guys?

Single forever?

How can you tell if you are destined for a life of loneliness? The following list of traits usually valid for bachelors might give you an idea if you are designed to remain a single forever. Still, only time can tell for sure.

Alone at movies?

Are you used seeing a movie at the cinema all by yourself? If so, this means that you are used to spend some time alone. Also, it’s a sign that you don’t mind engaging in some activities alone, while the rest of the people prefer to be surrounded by their lover or their friends.

It’s not a bad thing that you enjoy a movie better alone, but it should raise some questions about your character.

You stick to your buddies

Let’s say that a woman calls you for a date but you reject her because you had scheduled a meeting with the guys in the same time. This is a clear sign that you prefer to remain a bachelor. A man who wants to have family and life full of love around him would never reject a date with a woman.

Not your type. Ever.

You used to date many women in the past but you realized that none of them were your type. There are many women in this world and if you already dated some of them and arrived to the conclusion that none of them was best for you, it should make you think a little. What are the chances of not being compatible at least a bit with any of them? Aren’t you a little picky? Perhaps you have a sort of idea on how the perfect woman should look… Come back to your senses. There is no perfect woman as there is no perfect man. Limit your pretentions and you will realize that there are actually a lot of interesting and attractive women out there.

No blind dates

Your friends know how picky you are but they still tried to set you up with different women. Once, they even wanted to send you on a blind date and you said no. Practically you refused a woman handed to you on a silver plate. How much of a bachelor are you? A lot!

The strip club is better

If you prefer to see women in their most beautiful form in a strip club instead of acting conventionally and go on a date and develop a relationship, then the answer is clear: you will stay a bachelor.

Happy with yourself

Being happy with yourself is great. When a man says that he loves the way he is, it’s a clear proof of strong self-esteem and power. Still, it might get in your way of ever changing and becoming someone’s lover.

You like people, but…

Your comfort zone makes you feel safe and secure. Still, if you have such a great fear of not being liked by women and men alike, you might even develop antisocial behavior. The best advice is to come to realize that no one wants to harm you and that your true self is not as bad as you think. Once you get to this point, you will realize that people might really like your character. Who knows, perhaps you will get a date…

Mamma’s boy

You are a mama’s boy and she wants the best for you. An overprotective mother will ruin your chances of ever being loved by someone. Run away from your crystal castle and face the world.


If you have recognized yourself in half of this list, then you are clearly a bachelor type. Still, if the idea of living without a partner for the rest of your life is not so appealing to your ears, you still have time to change this situation and fix your life. 

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