The importance of body language

The importance of body language


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Body language is so important when interacting with other people that it actually determines them to decide whether they want to be around someone just by reading their body language.

When you are interested in a woman and you show it, she will immediately notice it and most likely start playing hard to get, but if you stop showing her the same attention she will be wondering what happened. The thing is, she will not feel comfortable without finding out what made you lose your interest in her and most of all she will not stop until she gets it back.

The most important thing you must know about body language is that according to the gestures you make, you will get a similar feedback. Smile at someone you don’t know very well and ask them what they are doing and you will definitely receive the same response.

When it comes to women, you should know they are much better at reading body language than men and this is because we act in a simpler way than they do.  You already know that women don’t always say what they mean and don’t mean what they say, so yes, many times you will have to read between the lines. The good news is that once you will realize that most of the things they say are tests and distractions, you will be able to respond the way you should. Women actually want a man who knows what to do to make them go crazy without being told.

If you are one of the millions of guys who freeze up when it comes to approaching an attractive woman, I have a single advice I can give you: Practice! You have to learn to be confident and trust in your communication skills to seduce a woman. First of all, go out and try to start a conversation with a woman in a random place. It does not matter if she is not very cute or if she is married; the only thing that matters is to start talking to people and see how they react to what you have to say. If you do this about 20 times, you will realize in the end what you did good and what you need to improve about your strategy and, considering you do not especially like any of them, it should be easier to interact.

The rule about body language is to always look confident in your own strength and be careful what kind of reaction you want to trigger. Remember, the way you act will determine the response you will receive from your partner.

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