The jealous girlfriend - advice and tips

The jealous girlfriend - advices and tips


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It’s practically impossible for someone not to have a jealous partner at some point in their life. It would seem that most of the times men are more jealous than women in a relationship, although we all know the poor guy that gets yelled at by his girlfriend for the two second glance at the lady at the bar.

Here are a few ideas that will help you deal with this kind of problem:

Were you looking at her?

I bet you can remember the last time you got caught looking over at an attractive woman. A vast majority of men in relationships will confess that it was a few days ago, while the rest are probably lying.

Women don’t understand that looking at another woman doesn’t mean that men are unhappy or disinterested in their current relationship and partner.

Everyone enjoys observing beautiful and attractive things and since men are visual creatures, they have a keen sight when it comes to beauty. But I think all men can relate to the moment they get caught. You are bombarded with demanding questions and let’s face it, when you get caught, no answer is good enough. Here we come to your rescue with a few solutions.

The high school colleague who was a nerd in physics.

The old friend’s little sister whom you haven’t seen since she was twelve.

The girl from the car commercial with whom she looks like.

The girl your best friend from college used to date (who put on a lot of weight).

Girlfriends have a hard time understanding that even if you are crazy in love with them, the women men look at do not look like movie stars.

They need to hear that they’re beautiful.

Women have this undying need to hear men tell them that they are as beautiful now as they were when they first saw them. It is important to know about their need for affirmation, especially if you get caught.

It’s not about saying something nice or sweet about your woman. It’s about saying it sincerely and preferably while looking into their eyes. Be very careful not to interrupt the eye contact while you are telling her how beautiful she is, because it’s worse to tell her something that you don’t believe rather than looking at another woman.

If she asks you if you were looking at another woman, know that “no” is not enough. You must tell your girlfriend that she is much better looking than her.

The meaning of all this

Well, in principle, when you start analyzing a situation like this, it’s highly possible that your girlfriend actually cares for you and loves you just that women have a weird way of showing it.

Even if your eyes won’t stop looking at other women, at least learn to appreciate the beauty of your woman.

A woman’s jealousy arises from possessiveness and it is as unstable as the sea on a stormy day, thus showing the inability of keeping partners for a longer period of time. This in turn is tightly related to the psycho behavior they show. And if you are seeing women who have strange patterns and behaviors in relationships, break it off as quickly as possible. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but try to stay away from piranhas.

Hopefully, this information shed some light on the behavior of jealous women and that it might help you in the future.

Best of luck!

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