The money conversation

The money conversation


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Money is one of the hardest conversation topics in the world and often friendships end because of business partnerships gone wrong. Why? Because people lie about money the most. The dating world is no different. People always try to change the way others perceives their finances. For example, a rich man might try to conceal his fortune to make sure women like him for who he is.

Deceptive advertising

Some men try to seem richer and sell illusions to women and lifestyles they could never sustain. That is why when the time comes to have a money conversation, women will feel very disappointed and not necessarily because you are not as rich as you have said but because by lying about your finances, you show her that you have no integrity and that you are not comfortable in your skin. Don’t lie about your finances or about anything else. Lies are not the best foundation for a relationship. The best thing to do is to never date outside your means.

If you do that, you won’t even need to have the money conversation because she will already know who you are and what you are all about. Another thing you should keep in mind is to never ever have the money conversation on a date. Don’t brag about the money you make or what you afford to buy. A good woman won’t be impressed by that.

Dating within your means

There are many great places where you can take a woman on a date, without spending too much money. You could take her to the park, have a hot dog, or do something else that you can afford. Don’t take her to expensive places just to tell her later on that you don’t have the necessary finances to afford this type of lifestyle.

Most men won’t believe what I’m saying because they are under the impression that you must impress a women at least on the first date. But that is not true, especially since nowadays most women make their own money.

As stated before, if you date within your means, you will never need to have a money conversation. Impress her with who you are and if she is not a gold digger, she will stay by your side even if you are not the richest man on Earth.

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