The secret codes of a woman

The secret codes of a woman


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Women are hard to be completely understood, that’s a fact. This idea even became a cliché. Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, right? Every time I get to come close to fully understanding a woman’s wishes I get to realize how far I actually am. Why are women constantly talking with indirect meanings, it’s like they were designed to talk in riddles.

Speak your mind

Is it true that women might use secret codes in order to manipulate men into doing them favors without asking for anything in return? Imagine how the world will be when the code is deciphered. Well I have news for you: the code is deciphered! A woman called Jane (let’s call her like that) was willing to step in front and tell us a thing or two about how a woman’s mind works.

According to Jane, women are highly capable of subtly manipulating their words in order to confuse a man. The whole purpose of this trickery is to convince men to do them a favor without asking for anything back in return. When a woman tells you something like “I need you.” she is making you feel like on the top of the world because it’s like she is saying that you are the only one who could help her. So you help her on that particular thing and you remain with the impression that you are The Man and that she could never do something without you. Well, think about that twice. You see, when a woman openly tells you that she needs you, she does, but only for making her a favor without asking for something back in return. She can handle that certain situation on her own, but she prefers to ask you to do her dirty job while making you feel that you saved the world.

Mind your words

Remember those times when she used to lock you out with the words “When was the last time I asked you to do something for me?” or “You never take me out shopping anymore!”. Oh well, you did all that for her and even more the only problem is that you can’t remember due to your blurred state of mind.

In order to get out of a woman’s maze, Jane helped us by sharing some of the general secret codes of women.

1. “Are you tired, baby?” or “Baby, are you busy?” = “Let’s talk.”

2. “I had such a terrible day at work!” = “Ask about how my day went.”

3. “How is this dress fitting me?” = “Did I gain weight?”

4. “Do I look good enough for you?” = “Are you still attracted to me?”

5. “Tell me your sexual fantasies.” = “Tell me what you would like to do to me, not Monica Bellucci.”

6. She tucks in the bed and covers herself from chin to toe, with a foxy smile. = I am ready to have sex.

7. She uses any of the words “mother” “work” or “hair”. = No sex for you tonight.

8. “I think I am sick.” = “Please stay with me and don’t go out with the boys.”

9. “No!” = “No!”

10. “I am drop dead tired.” = “Come and pick me up from work.”

11. “It’s not you.” = “It’s you.”

There are plenty of other keywords and secret phrases which sometimes mean the exact opposite. Women will always use them because it’s their power which comes from an instinct of survival. Learn how to interpret and use them in your favor. Good luck! 

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