The untaken path in love

The untaken path in love


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Nature made us very curious and we are always wondering about what happened with our first crush with who we shared our first kiss, or any other lost love. We are always wondering how it could have been if you had remained together.

Puppy love

You probably remember very clearly when you sat in bed, sharing something sweet on your study date. You would look each other in the eyes and wonder who will make the first step. When you finally kissed, you were amazed and thought that you have found the love of your life with your first girlfriend.

You thought it will last forever, until you meet a new girl and another and another and so on, thinking that you are choosing something better. You chose to do it at the risk of taking a wrong turn and never looked back to what might have been the best thing of your life, just to try on something different.

Don’t regret…do something

There is no point in dwelling on the past. You should look towards the future and learn from your mistakes because it is well-known that wisdom comes with time and the perfect love is found only after several heartbreaks. But what if your first time was the best relationship for you? How do you know it? For instance, the “Sweet November” movie shows you what the whole “sou mate” idea means.

The problems appear when you do not know whether or not she is your true love and you only find out how important she was after you have lost her. Should you try to win her back? Do you let her go or stay with her just in case? If you choose to let her go how can you win her back?

What to do?

I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but I am trying to create a bigger picture of what would you feel like if you realize that your love life slipped through your fingers. Once you let her go it becomes simply too late, so how do you know if she is your soulmate and how do you win her back?

Is it true love?

You must not confuse your passion and admiration for a woman with love. Just because you are infatuated with someone, it doesn’t mean that she is the one for you. She might even be the opposite. Living the moment should still be the best way to go, but be sure you can also plan ahead. Taking continuous breaks from each other is not the way to see if your relationship is worth maintaining or not.

The Yo-Yo effect

You should avoid the yo-yo game in romance. We all have friends who are in this type of relationship, where they break up, they get back together and break up again. He is afraid that if he leaves her, he will never find someone as good as her, thus giving up the chance to personal happiness. You should keep in mind that some love stories end up in a break up, but that is perfectly normal.

Circle of love

If you fear of letting go to something good, you shouldn’t worry because if you are proactive, you can make it happen. If you keep arguing with your girlfriend and you do not know what to do, ask yourself how you would feel about being without her. If you can see the benefits of the break up, do it. If you choose to take the untaken path in love, see what the scenery has to offer. There will be many opportunities in life and many choices to be made. Only time can tell.

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