Tips For Approaching Women In Nightclubs

Tips For Approaching Women In Nightclubs


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There are many men who have no idea on how to pick up a woman in a nightclub or any other public space. For those in need of help, we share with you some tips and pieces of advice on how to meet women in nightclubs and other similar places.

Nightclubs are a very interesting phenomenon since there you will find many women dressed extremely sexy, but armed with an unapproachable attitude. It’s kind of a paradox. They go there to feel good and be admired, but they make a man’s life a hell with their bad attitude. Yep, life’s a mess in those nightclubs but perhaps you spotted one gorgeous lady who seems like she’s worthy of your attention and effort. What to do?

#1. Remember that she was hit on a lot, since she is so beautiful. Most men who tried to hook up with her were dumb and drunk. They used lame pick-up lines or just offered her a drink. Therefore the first thing you must do is to act opposite to their actions. Be charismatic and self-confident, compliment her looks and personality, offer to buy her a drink but don’t insist too much. Let her understand that there’s nothing she can do to upset you.

#2. The first attempts of trying to approach a woman will end in failure. Why? Well, if you arrive at about 10 pm in the club, all the women are still getting comfortable with the place and they are not relaxed yet in the specific atmosphere.

If you manage to initiate and start up a conversation with a woman, chances are that she won’t be overly friendly. Still, this is the point when you are under a big test of power. If you keep on talking to a somehow cold woman, you might win her over if you have some charm and style. If you manage to do that, you will gain her respect and she might be up for anything.

#3. If you are not so skilled in talking face to face with a woman, especially with a highly attractive one, your only shot is to get her number/e-mail address. For this goal, you need to be brief and funny. Get her contact details and call her/message her the next day. You might have higher chances in getting a date if you don’t mess up in front of all her girlfriends.

#4. If you are a real beginner in what concerns meeting women in nightclubs, the best solution is to get a friend come with you and approach women for each other. There are many women who go in pairs so you could pick a pair of beautiful women and choose one for your friend, letting her know that your friend finds her really beautiful. Your buddy could do the same thing for you with the other woman.

#5. Have no fear! In every nightclub there are goddesses with poisonous tongues, but there are also beautiful creatures who just wait for a decent man to approach them.

If you are really insecure about your conversational and hook up skills, try and watch charismatic men which hunt in the nightclubs. You will learn a lot!

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