Tips on how to boost your marriage

Tips on how to boost your marriage


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At times, it is a success to have a three-sentence conversation with your wife without leading to an argument. It’s not a nice feeling, for sure. Sometimes, you prefer to ignore each other only to avoid disagreement.

Being married has many advantages. You are comfortable with a beautiful lady; you have kids and plans for the summer. The thing is that there are times when she doesn’t understand why you have to come home late from work or why aren’t you taking the garbage out at night. The big picture of your family is beautiful, but the small details of your day-to-day family life drive you crazy.

How can you improve your marriage and show her that you love her?

1. Use actions, not words

You are her husband so you should know what she wants and needs. Also, you know what generally bothers her. To make her more understandable and kind to you, try to act like her ideal man, but don’t let her overpower you.

2. A typical perfect day

Get up first and kiss her on the cheek, whisper some romantic words in her ear. Before leaving to work hold her in your arms and share with her a sketchy plan of your work-day. Let her tell you about hers.

When at work, send her a short text asking how is her day going. Call her at lunch time and share some of the things that happened at the office, then text her again near the end of the work day. Two texts, a call and a prolonged hug are taking only a little amount of time and your wife is worthy of even more.

If you will have to stay for extra hours, call her and give her some specifics. When you get back from work, search for her in the house, hug her and kiss her for real. If you notice that she cleaned the house and prepared the meal, admire her work. She will be thrilled.

With small attentive gestures you will make her happy and good to you. She will become more indulgent and ready to help you.

3. Pillow talk

Once the kids are tucked in and the house is silent, go to bed early with her. Lie on the bed, hug her and start talking about the day that has passed. Cuddle a little and make her feel loved ad wanted.


In a loving relationship, the two threatening milestones are her emotional stress and your diminishing attention. If you manage to fix those, little by little, you will find yourself in a happy and fulfilling marriage. 

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