Unexpected break-up

Unexpected break-up


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There are cases in which a woman breaks up with a man right before their wedding. In order for you to not be a victim of a cold feet case, you should look for the warning signs.

The shock

You are wondering how she could do this and why she did it. If you want to get over it, you must find an answer to these questions. If she had left you without warning, you will have to deal with anger, fear, frustration and profound sadness. If not, these are some possible reasons of why she left. It might help you get over the break up.

Family matters

There are cases in which when it comes to marriage, it all starts and ends with family. If her family never liked you or you might have been rude or inconsiderate to them, they might have pressured her into breaking up with you and they also made her share their perception of you.

Social reasons

Besides family, friends may also be the cause of a break up. That is why you must think back and determine if you have been truly accepted by her friends. The indicators of disapproval might have slowly developed during your relationship.

Personal reasons and cold feet

This could have been the easiest indicator to notice. Did she become distant after your marriage proposal? Your marriage proposal could have triggered negative emotions or given her a serious case of cold feet. She might as well woken up after a night of contemplation and realized that she could not be married to you her entire life.

Relationship reasons

Before asking her to marry you, you must’ve thought if she feels the same you do. You should have previously talked about marriage. If you did and she seemed excited and up for it, there might be some external factors that changed your relationship. Maybe she had major changes in her life or maybe you’re the one who changed. Another reason could be a prenuptial agreement. It might seem practical for you, but for her might mean that you doubt her and your future marriage.

Recognize your issues

You might blame her for the decision, but it takes two for a relationship so think deep and ask yourself whose fault was it. You shouldn’t blame her; you might as well be guilty for the break up. Be truly honest to yourself to find the root of your problems.

Save the situation, if possible

There are usually not many things that you can do to save the situation. You can try to talk about things, especially if she has been influenced by family or friends. But, more often than not, a real possibility of marital reconciliation is probably out of the question.

Healing Dos and Don’ts

This should help you focus and gain a new perspective:


Improve yourself: start by going to the gym.

Go on vacation: travelling will get you out of routine.

Avoid future contact with her: this is the most important thing to do.

Stop talking to her family and friends: if not, you will only keep too many strings attached.

Get rid of anything related to her: give her back everything that belonged to her. Her things will only remind you of your past together.


Don’t feel bad about it

Don’t expect her to come back

Don’t beg her to come back

Don’t chase her

Don’t reminiscence

Accept and move on

After reflecting on what might have led to your break up, you can begin to heal and get over it. It might be the hardest thing you ever did, but you will know better in the future.

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