Using a Romanian dating agency

Using a Romanian dating agency


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At first, dating agencies appeared somewhere in the West of Romania, but that Romanian dating agency was functional only for a short period of time since the Romanian people searching for the love of their life, were skeptical. At that time, the first Romanian dating agency was seen almost as a scam or no better than lottery, where you invest your money in hopes.

However, they soon realized that Romanian dating agencies were really making an effort to find a match for everyone who was willing to pay a reasonable price. Yes, dating agencies require money because their work consists in promoting, interviewing, finding, matching and all the other details which bring your loved one on a silver plate. All this work needs resources so it’s understandable that there is a price.

How does it work?

So you want to find the love of your life and a friend of yours is extremely happy with a Romanian wife which he met through a Romanian dating agency. You decide to visit the agency’s office where you complete an application through which you write a short description of yourself and of the ideal partner.

After your application, the dating agency’s experts show you some potential matches to decide over. Each potential partner signed up has his/her profile checked and validated according to the law. Therefore you are going to safely date a real person, with a true identity.

Once you start corresponding with a certain woman, make sure to act respectful. Also, if you receive letters or emails from women you met through this Romanian agency, you should answer them even if you are not so interested in that woman.

At the beginning of the Romanian dating agencies, the main clients were young women between the ages of 20-25 who wanted to find a mature man for a marriage with the aim of being financially stable. Obviously, these women soon realized that their trick wasn’t working so they were replaced by clients consisting in mature women looking for mature men with the aim of spiritual and emotionally stability in a loving relationship. If you think about it, what is it better? To meet a young and not so inspired woman who is beautiful but materialistic or a mature and experienced lady who seeks only love and harmony?

Of course, not every match ends in a wedding; actually, only about 30% of all the couples formed through a dating agency get married.

However, if you believe in love and in the fact that there is a match for you in this world, you will meet that person by any means.

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