Vacations can make or break a relationship

Vacations can make or break a relationship


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When you are in the beginning of a relationship, you should think about certain aspects before deciding to get married or cohabitate with that person. It is all about getting to know the other person. Only time can tell if you are good together but until then a vacation can also help.

A long discussed vacation

You might be wondering how two weeks of vacation can be a test for your relationship. Well, travelling can be stressful not only because of the road but also because you have to agree upon how long will it last, where and how will you be getting there. When it comes to a vacation none of you will be willing to let go too much and this will be a pretty good indicator on how things might be.

Observe her behavior and learn

You have set all the details and by now you have already learned something about her even if you realize it or not. How did she act: excited, nervous or did she enjoy the preparation process? Did you dictate the pace or was it something you’ve done together? This means a lot because a relationship is constant exchange between give and take. Someone always has an edge.

Conflict resolution

Try to remember that you are also supposed to have fun. Do not look at this as a test of relationship compatibility because you will taint the final result. You are in a dream land and you want to enjoy it. There can still be conflicts regarding where to eat, what to see, maybe she is afraid of the strong sunrays and wants to stay in and you want to go swimming, etc. That is how your vacation becomes a test in conflict resolution. You will have to compromise with one another.

How to have fun

If you want to have a smooth vacation, take these pieces of advice into consideration:

1. Venture into the unknown:  Go somewhere new for both of you so that none of you can take the lead.

2. Mask your bad habits:  It is best to keep your bad habits hidden for later, when you are already in a serious relationship.

3. Watch the mood swings: You will see each other going through different moods, depending on the time of day or situation, see how you react and get to know each other better.  

4. Be upfront about your concerns: The financial aspect is a major issue so you must be upfront about it. Discuss the financial aspect before going on a vacation.

5. Snuggle or space:  This is the time when you establish your night ritual regarding the physical intimacy and sleep. If you cannot express your wishes now, you will have to forever hold your peace on the matter.

I would counsel you to go on a vacation as soon as possible to avoid further deceptions.

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