Waiting for miss right

Waiting for miss right


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If you are searching for Miss right you must know what you are looking for, but if your search leads nowhere, maybe you should reconsider who she should be and keep an open mind when it comes to the ultimate lifelong companion.

Who is Miss Right?

It is great that you enjoy dating, but when you are looking for Miss right, you should have a plan. You have to know what she represents to you and see what you really want from your ideal woman. Every man has different needs when it comes to relationships. For instance, if you are of a certain age but you are still living at home, you must find a woman who is ok with some dependence issues.

Her character traits

You must understand what character traits would make her miss right. Are you a guy who needs loyalty above anything else? Are you a workaholic who needs his wife to accept this? You cannot make her your miss right before knowing who you are and what you need.

She can’t be perfect

We all have flaws. The question is not if she is perfect but if the two of you are perfect for each other. In order to know this you must develop your own methodology for figuring out what impresses you in a woman and what you couldn’t tolerate.

Find out if you can grow together

If she is your Miss Right, you should be able to grow together over time. When looking for the perfect woman, you must include a long-term component in the criteria. It might be easy to find Miss right now, but you might want someone whose mind and caring nature will survive the test of life.

Judge Miss Right for yourself

Friends and family might try to influence you on who Miss right should be, but don’t take their beliefs on as your own. Pieces of advice are helpful but gather bits and pieces as you see fit. If your parents are married, ask them how they managed to do it and learn from their experiences.

What if you don’t date?

Well, this is pretty simple. If you don’t date, you can’t meet anyone, let alone Miss Right. More important, you will lose touch with the dating scene, your confidence and dating skills and cannot afford this. Understand that your dating time frame is shorter when in your 30’s and 40’s and go out there to find her.

The most important things to remember when searching for your long life companion are:

1. Know what you value in a woman

2. Learn from your past

3. Date critically

4. Don’t adhere to a rigid checklist

Good luck!

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