Waiting for the perfect woman

Waiting for the perfect woman?


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Do you know those women who would give their body for the first time only to the man of their dreams? Perhaps you might find that idea cute, or stupid, or useless since the perfect man doesn’t exist. Believe it or not, there are men who would also like to offer their body only to the right woman. Don’t jump to conclusions. Wait and figure out if you are the one who will wait for his perfect woman in order to offer his goods.

Are you a possible eternal virgin?

When was the last time you went on a date or even spoke to a woman with romantic meaning? If you think about something which happened a year ago, then you might enjoy the idea of being forever alone.

Why are men keeping themselves for a certain woman? Don’t they believe in premarital sex? Are they waiting for the perfect woman? Aren’t they able to get a woman in their bed? Or do they enjoy a life without a lady’s attention?

Understanding the virgins is somehow like understanding yourself.

Virginity forever

It has been proven that women fall in love with their bodies and men do so with their heads. This means that a woman is more likely to get affectionate with a man after she gets intimate with him, while a man is more likely to fall for a woman once he gets to know her more as a person. This happens because women consider sex as an important bonding experience while men generally view it as a simple way of experiencing pleasure.

For some virgins this is the exact cause of their sexual inhibitions. They prefer to postpone their sexual life until they fall for a woman. This behavior might be harmful since falling in love with the perfect woman for you is most likely to happen somewhere later in life.

How women react to virgins

If you keep rejecting a woman’s wish to get intimate with you just because you don’t find her good enough for such an act, she might get frustrated or on the other hand, she might appreciate the idea and want you even more. Just be careful when you constantly reject them because it’s highly probable that they will get bored or angry.

Finally, it’s your choice if you want to save yourself for the perfect girl or not. Just think about what you are doing to find her. My advice is to meet as many women as you can so you could have some options to choose from. The perfect woman won’t just suddenly appear at your door, ready to offer you love. 

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