Ways to improve your dating appearance

Ways to improve your dating appearance


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The image means a lot when it’s about the dating world. Perhaps you are as sexy as you believe, but you appear only as you are. Don’t get to the conclusion that you need to look like a movie star in order to get a great woman. All you need is the right attitude, that attitude which shows high value.

Happily for you, women have different ways of appreciating a man’s value, but a guy who shows a boring personality and aspect, will easily be forgotten. 

Scan yourself, get to know yourself better. Check your good and bad points and sum them up, realize who you are and what you can be. A clever woman will always appreciate a man who knows himself. Also, getting to know yourself will allow you to improve those aspects that need to be retouched.


Go in front of the mirror and make a list of things to check on yourself. You could use a men’s magazine for this. Start from top and go until way down.

-Is your hair clean, with a good shape, framing your face beautifully?

-Do your eyes sparkle with life, or you look rather tired and sleepy?

-Are your eyebrows plucked beautifully, or you should go at a saloon for a small retouch?

-Is your smile beautiful and warm or you have a rather bored attitude?

-Are your teeth clean and white?

-Is it good to keep that thin mustache or should you shave it? Does it help you in any way?

-Is your shirt modern and fun?

-Have you gained a few extra kilograms lately?

-Are your pants at the perfect length?


Now it’s time to check your inside looks. Work on the way you look at women and the way you show your confidence, perhaps using the right smile and some eye contact. Try and be a magnetic force, a positive one.

Be careful about your nervous ticks. Perhaps you touch your face often without reason or because you don’t know what to do with your hands. Calculate your moves in a natural and graceful way. Stand and sit straight.

Use the space around you. Make sure you don’t have a shy and restrained attitude. For avoiding such an attitude, sit with one ankle on your other knee, with hands apart and elbows a bit wide.

Focus on positive, eliminate the negative

The final touch is showing off your pleasant aspects, improve the less beautiful things and eliminate all the negative points.

When at the hair saloon, just tell the hair stylist to give you a stylish cut, one which will put in value your facial features. If you want to bring back that sparkle in your eyes and smile, make a little physical exercise, take more hours of sleep and get up earlier.

Also, you could try changing your eating habits, too. Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruit, get the daily light breakfast and lose some carbs.

Looking good and feeling good work together. If you look good, you feel good. But if you feel bad, it’s not so sure you will look so good.

Think what kind of a man you would like to be and what woman you would like to attract. With these points established in your mind, set your actions for achieving these goals. Start with your looks and a healthy life style. The small success that you will have each day in doing so, will only encourage you in becoming the man you always wanted for the woman you always dreamed about. 

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