We need to take a break

We need to take a break


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Usually, online dating sites will give you advice on how to get a woman and how to date her but only a few will help you in being part of a successful couple.

Perhaps you feel like taking a break from your girlfriend. Not that you don’t love her anymore, you just feel the need for space and intimacy of your own. We are here to help you.

I need to go, I’ll be back

Usually, men search for the perfect woman like women are looking for the perfect man. Still, for men this job seems harder. They feel obliged to continuously date more and more women to convince themselves that finally they will find the perfect one. This task is easier for a woman because if she really wants to, she can change a man into the perfect partner.

Still, let’s say that you got tired of dating and you have finally decided over a certain girl with whom you are now in a relationship. You might start having doubts if she really is the one. How to take the time and space to figure out this without breaking up with her? Simple! Ask for a break to clear your head. That might be the best solution.

Why the break? She asks…

Well, a break can be the reinforcement of your relationship, darling! Of course, if the two of you decide to take a break which becomes a three month separation, something wrong is going on and you should search for a solution. Still, if you manage to talk her into a break of let’s say one month with a mature attitude, you might get the time and space to evaluate her existence and meaning. She will do the same. When the two of you will get back together from the break you might find even more reasons to love each other.

Consider it a test. Many couples go through such tests only to reinforce their relationship and develop a stronger connection.

When to take the break

When the both of you feel that it’s the right time. If you finally decide to take the break, you should be a mature guy and don’t use this free time as a chance to cheat freely. The purpose of this break is to help you figure out if she is the one and if you need her or you just like her. If you already smile at the idea of a month long celibacy you could as well break-up with her. There is no point for continuing a relationship if all you want is to meet other women, right?

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