What do you see when you look into my eyes?

What do you see when you look into my eyes?


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The eyes

Our eyes are one of the most important body features used in a conversation and since men are highly visual, they feast their eyes on the gorgeous women that pass through their life.

This article talks about the pupils of your eyes and there are important things to be understood.

Your pupils dilate when you see someone you’re attracted to. Also, larger pupils are more attractive than smaller ones.

The dilated pupils

As mentioned above, our pupils grow when we see someone we like. While it is a physiological response, it’s just as if our eyes are trying to see the person better, to fully see her.

As well as the dilating part goes, contracting pupils are not a good sign, especially if they come from the woman you’re on a date with, thus contraction generally represents the dislike. Pay close attention to a woman’s eyes, to determine what she’s feeling.

The surrounding environment may affect the reaction of our pupils so in powerful light they will be contracted and in dim light they will be dilated, so it might be difficult for you to tell how she feels about you.

Keep in mind the normal size of her pupil, because their size varies in every individual. Also when you look for the signs of attraction in her eyes, try not to be too obvious about it and never tell her what you’re doing because it might seem weird and it will make her feel highly uncomfortable.

If the girl you like also knows some pupil physiology she might already know that you are attracted to her and without sunglasses or avoiding all eye contact, there is not much you can do. But there is no reason for you to worry, chances are she doesn’t know.

Eyes wide open

It’s said that the larger the pupil is dilated the more physically attractive and friendlier the person seems.

Studies performed with the help of photos have proven this for a fact. As the level of attractiveness increases or decreases, so do the pupils. But there are many things to take into consideration so the result can be perceived as accurate.

The people who participated in this research said that they were more attracted to the photos of people with dilated pupils, but they didn’t know why. This is because our pupil dilation comes from our subconscious.

So the way it should go is. You see a girl you are attracted to, your pupils dilate, she sees that your pupils are dilated and finds you more attractive. And it works the other way around too. Remember though that these responses are automatic and come from the subconscious.

We like each other

It’s natural that when we like someone who likes us, we feel very good about ourselves, it increases our self-esteem and self-confidence. We have the tendency to judge ourselves by the reaction people have towards us. So a positive reaction will trigger a positive response in us.

So the idea is that you like a girl, your pupils dilate and subconsciously she notices, also giving her self-esteem boost and she instantly becomes more attracted to you.

This concept of liking is not fully understood but it’s really amazing to study the eyes of the people we like and who like us back.

Here are some examples

In order to use this information to make yourself seem more attractive to women you have to be creative and with the fresh knowledge you’ve just acquired you can add the right amount of spice to your dates.

You know those classical dinners by candlelight with a bottle of wine? Of course you do, take a minute to think about why they are considered to be so romantic. The dim light causes the pupils to dilate, making attraction grow, while imperfections are reduced, you perceive your date as being more beautiful. So does the alcohol, it dilates your pupils but it also helps you relax and have less inhibitions.

Remember just not to abuse it and to look straight into that gorgeous lady’s eyes. It might be a problem if you are shy and generally avoid eye contact, case in which you should just tell her that you like her.


It’s pure logic that if you want someone to like you, you must show them that you like them.

You need to avoid staring into her eyes because it will cause her to feel highly uncomfortable.  What you need to do is occasionally break the eye contact to look at her smile and she will surely come to like you, at least a little.

Remember that the trick is dim lighting and a bottle of wine to make the attraction grow stronger. 

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