What does planning a cheap date say about me

What does planning a cheap date say about me?


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There is no such thing as cheap dates unless you are rich, but when it comes to taking a girl out for a date you would like her to have a good time so you need to come up with some original ideas that will make her remember you no matter what.

Maybe you can go to a park and feed the ducks you find on the lake, even take her out for a cup of coffee or a walk on the beach. These are all ways through which you can create a nice memory and you won’t have to spend a lot, like you would for a fancy dinner. If you consider these as being cheap dates you might have to rethink your dating philosophy.

The main idea is that you want a woman to like you for who you are and not for how much money you have in the bank and dates are most certainly not about how much money you spend on them or how extravagant they are, but about two people having a good time together, while getting to know each other. A fun time is free. Try to remember this when you are thinking about where to take a girl and how cheap the date might end up looking.

Having a picnic, flying a kite, a long walk on a riverbank, visiting a historical site, these are all great activities to do when you want to take a girl out on a date, proving that you enjoy something other than spending your entire day in bar or coffee shop. 

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