What men should know about dangerous women

What men should know about dangerous women


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I’m going to talk about a delicate subject. Actually, about several delicate subjects: women, lack of sexual protection, pregnancy and a child.

Men love to date women because they are in the hunt for the best one. The perfect woman, the one who keeps you passionate and is marriage material too. We keep on dating casual women, with who we have a good time but we know that there is no serious future. It sounds a little bit cruel, but this is how life goes.

Moreover, women work in the same way, with a little difference. There are women who reach that time in their lives when they feel like settling down, have a child and take a break from career building. Those women are dangerous. Fine men are kind of rare or are already taken, so a desperate woman is going to use desperate methods to survive this crisis.

When a woman tells you that she wants to get intimate with you without protection, because she is on the pill, think twice. A friend of mine dated once a casual woman, not the marriage material, and encountered this proposal, too. He decided that it’s a good idea and made love to her without a condom. After two months she called him to announce the pregnancy. He was forced to marry her in order to provide a family for the child. They got separated after one year, but he is still traumatized. The plan of this woman was to trap him into a marriage with an innocent child. Stay away from that.

The idea is that you should be careful around women who have no problem in having sex without protection. If she is not the one, then don’t take any risks.  It’s better to wait for the woman who will make you happy in a marriage too, instead of having to marry a woman you will never love. 

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