What women want

What women want


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There is no good or perfect answer to the question what women want. Since they are so different, not all of them want the same thing. Throughout time, poetry and romance have worked magic on women. But today’s women have changed and it’s becoming more and more difficult to realize what they want.

A woman still wants to have fun, she wants a career and a successful love life. She needs a nice guy who offers her security, stability, a man who buys her gifts and also who has a bad boy attitude. But this is the ideal man for almost any woman and he’s impossible to find.

To begin with, women have their own set of instincts and needs which require them to be more emotional and more physical than men.

The trust

Since women are the weaker sex, they need to develop other types of connections before they can be with a man. The most basic connection a woman can form with a man is the connection of trust. You have to let her be in control of the moments you spend together, even of the more intimate moments, at least in the beginning.

Don’t pull back from anything she might offer you because you could upset her if you do and she will become a bit distant, or she could feel forced, a feeling which would be fatal to the relationship. Women can be extremely fragile at times and you have to handle them with great care and devotion.

Her character

A woman needs to find a suitable man for a steady relationship, whom she considers to be of good genetic character, so that her children will be strong and healthy. It’s pure logic that a woman will care and nurture for her child, with her powerful and sharp instincts. A woman will also need a man to be there, to provide support and to help raise the children.

So the key to this biological need is a warm heart, a good job and a nice paycheck, not to mention the physical characteristics that women perceive differently as being top notch quality. Highly appreciated qualities in a man are humor, intelligence and of course a certain level of attentiveness, which will help a woman feel more comfortable.

The sex

Sex is the most basic need which women must satisfy and you are the one who must initiate it. Let’s face it, a night of physical intimacy with a beautiful woman beats the time spent with your friends in a bar drinking beer and watching football. As for her, if she wouldn’t be there with you, she would probably go out shopping with her friends.

Physical attraction and need for satisfaction are top requirements when it comes to women. Even though there are so many other things to take into consideration, men can’t live without women and vice versa. In this case when you find that special lady, you have to find your own path in making her happy and keeping her satisfied.

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