When you’re going too far

When you’re going too far


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Men have all kinds of strategies to make a woman raise interest in them. Lots of dating websites offer advice and tips on how to strike up a conversation with a woman, how to get her contact details, how to dress for the first date, how to proceed for the first kiss, etc. This is a great thing because dating as any other activity which can bring you pleasure, can reach the level of artistry. You need expert advice on how to dress impeccable, on where to eat the most exquisite food or on how to make a great portrait. It’s obvious that some just need talent, but others need a little guidance on dating, too.

Lately, you’ve heard everything on how to approach a drop-dead gorgeous woman with an attitude which will definitely bring you success. So you tried those techniques and in 3 out of 5 cases, you got successful. But what do you do when you fall really hard for a special woman and because you are nervous you blow the whole thing up going overboard with the cocky and evasive attitude?

Being cocky, evasive and funny it’s a great choice if your type of woman is strong enough to accept all your jokes with double meaning. So you got all confident and funny with her, showing her at the same time that you are something worth fighting for. Only at one point, you overreacted with all those jokes and she took it the wrong way.

You read all those articles with tips on how to get a woman’s attention with a fake arrogant behavior combined with a fine humor, but none of them taught you how to save the situation if she gets upset when you give her a hard time.

If you’ve gone too far with the mean jokes and the arrogant attitude, here you have some lines which just might save you, if you use them immediately after you blew it up.

Try saying something like:

“Hey, lighten up, don’t you have a sense of humor?”

“I am sorry if my humor disturbed you, he must’ve been drunk.”

“Mind the stupid, I did wrong to switch places with my twin for a while.”

If she doesn’t hate your guts, she might forgive you without you having to go insta-wussy.

Good luck and next time, keep your beast on a leash. 

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