Why hot women tend to be distant girlfriends

Why hot women tend to be distant girlfriends?


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Lately, more and more men complain that their hot girlfriend is emotionally petrified or too cold. Finally, we get to ask ourselves if it’s true. Are hot women incapable of a long-term relationship? Why?

Some think it’s a “hot girl syndrome”, but actually it’s rather a bad result of her childhood. Some hot women really have problems in their relationships, but it’s not always their fault. Here we gathered some information about this problem.

1. Since little, pretty girls were sexualized

Even if they were little, pretty girls were sexualized with the help of make-up, hair styling and inappropriate dresses. In this way, they managed to get sexual attention, even if they weren’t aware of this fact. They saw they have an effect on people around them and decided to use this effect to get what they wanted.

Growing up with this mentality, even if it wasn’t properly rationalized, a girl tends to live her whole life adapted to this rule.

2. It’s more likely for them to be abused as children

A beautiful woman who was anywhere near a sexual abuse, will never trust love. And if she was abused, she will for sure have a wrong interpretation of love. In these cases, it’s recommended to talk to her about seeking specialized help.

3. The princess complex

There are a lot of these types of women. These ones want only high life treatments, with 5-star dinners and famous brands. It’s easy to identify them, because all their life they got everything they wanted and were dependent on their parents. Now it will be your turn to be her father figure and buy her the ponies and the expensive clothes. And if you do, don’t expect for some kind of thanking, she will think she deserves it by natural reasons.

4. Won’t stay to solve issues

When stuff gets heavy, she will most likely turn her back and walk out the door. Why? Well because she believes in her value on the market, she thinks she can have any guy she wants, even a better one, so what’s her gain in trying to solve matters with you? None. She is not interested in learning good conflict solving skills, since she can turn her back and move forward.


In conclusion, most hot women have a baggage of emotional flaws. So if you are ready to risk helping her through, it’s perfect. But if you want a woman to fulfill your dreams, try a normal girl, not the magazine-looking one.

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